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Telling his story through the vibez he creates

Telling his story through the vibez he creates

Ella Rae

Born on the East Coast, Producer Vibez Vision is a 25-year-old storyteller that creates more than just music, he creates experiences. You hear a story in each record he creates, making us want to know more about this mysterious creator.

What made you decide that producing was something you really wanted to do?

VV: Always grew up around music. Used to watch my dad play his guitar from time to time and that made me want an instrument of my own. As I got older I started really appreciating instruments and even how a small note could make a big difference.

What is your process when creating these stories in your tracks?

VV: I always have different sounds jumping around in my head. Once I go through different instruments to imitate that sound, creation starts.

I know for a lot of creatives this pandemic has been very hard for them due to having to stay inside and not really have the ability to interact with fans. How has been creating during this time?

VV: Very easy. I don’t go anywhere anyway so it’s something that keeps me occupied.

On September 30th, 2020, just one month after the creation of his Soundcloud account, Vibez gained 100 plays on one track two days after it was released. With that, he had now gained 300 plays in total within a month. What is your favorite Vibe so far?

VV: At the moment, one of my newest tracks: Sudden Trip, is my favorite.

Your music seems to have such a fusion of different genres like alternative R&B and pop. Who would you say influences your sound?

VV: I would say TheWeeknd at most. When he put out music, there was always a type of story and darkish mood to it. I loved every bit of it, and it inspired me to embrace your darkness and tell a story with it.

Once you reach a certain level in your career who would you like to work with?

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VV: [ I would love to work with] Galimatias & Timbaland.

After being in the industry for a while, what advice do you have for upcoming producers?

VV: Just give it a shot, like someone once said, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

His latest single, ‘Sudden Trip’ is a soothing pop record infused with electric tons and heavenly harmonized vocals to top it off. It is currently only available on Soundcloud. His debut EP will be available on streaming platforms soon.

You can follow Vibez on Instagram @vibezvision or visit his website at

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