Photos by Shannon Williams

Going into the LA Art Show, was an interesting experience. Once I got there I was immediately met with loud music and chatter. The red-carpet photographers were buzzing with each celebrity that walked. Across the room from the red-carpet, there was a lounge area that consisted of a DJ, merchandise for the art show itself, and a projection of the event from the past years it has happened. Everyone was waiting for the doors to finally open to go and see the art that is being displayed. When I got to the hall and went in, people were talking and laughing while look at art. I was excited to see what various kinds were going to be and were very pleased with what I saw. There were so many different kinds of artists that were there.

As I walked around the hall; I saw a painting of sad girls with big eyes, dresses, realistic sculptures of babies, and a giant rainbow-colored banner made of LGBTQ messages written on pieces of cloth. There were many tributes to the late Kobe Bryant as well. My favorite part was seeing famous artists’ work that I personally loved like Banksy, Kaws, and Takashi Marukami. Everywhere you would go there would be a small open bar serving various drinks and people showing interest in purchasing pieces of art. I’m sure that not only myself but other people had the chance to be exposed to many different kinds of art.  

You can learn more about the LA Art Show here.

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