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The Metal Byrds release a new metal hit “Dark Highway”. The song comes from personal experience. Everyone who drives has had a long night of driving on a highway. “When you are driving that long and that late at night, everyone sees something that is unbelievable, and you say to yourself, “did I really just see that?” I had one of those experiences recently, and when I got home, the words to this song just poured out of me. It came so naturally to me, and I just had to get this song out for the world to hear” they said about the track. The guitar solo sounds something straight out of a heroic video game, addictive making the listener want to hear more.

The Metal Byrds is the brainchild of both Suzanne Birdie and Slye Ry Dovey. Both members were performing in other bands at the same time. On one lucky night thanks to a mutual friend, Suzanne sat in on guitarist Sly Rye’s rehearsal with his band. He asked Suzanne to sing any song and she began singing Sweet Child O’ Mine. It wasn’t long after that she actually joined his band and began performing with them.  However, as things go, the band was having line up issues and both Slye Ry and Suzanne decided they should create their own project together. 


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