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the only way to find your voice, is to use it.

the only way to find your voice, is to use it.

Ella Rae

Being silenced is something that kills a person slowly. It takes away more than just a sound of a voice. It takes away their ability to be upfront, confident, self-assured, empowered, and heard. Everyone has a moment where they find themselves not agreeing with someone or something. Imagine not agreeing and having to agree because you are silenced. You are now going through your life doing what you don’t want to.

You start to lose yourself because you aren’t allowed to express yourself out loud without a consequence that forces you to revert to a happy place inside your head. You start to second guess what you like and whom you want to be because you are made to feel that you are only allowed to be 100% free in your own head. You don’t live in your head though. It’s not real. You deserve to live free in the real world too. Those voices who silenced you began to take over your mind and it starts to not be yours anymore and it starts to not be a place that you can be free. What do you do when you are silenced in your head and in the real world? You fight. You fight for that freedom because you are as important as those who try to silence you.

I wasted my child and teen years because I allowed those voices to silence me. I allowed them to create my world for me and as it got overwhelming, I broke, and then I got back up and fought for what was mine, my voice. I will never be silenced, I count, and what I want matters because I am me. Because you are you. Fight for it. Use it. Empower.

Written by Ella Rae

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Photography by: Mark Broadhead

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