XO fans can officially breathe again because the KOTF is back with a new single entitled “Heartless”. Abel leans into the toxic side of his persona again on “Heartless,” making it immediately clear where his head is at with the blunt opening line: “Never need a bitch, I’m what a bitch need.”, a bold opening to an instant hit. It’s believed to be off the fourth studio album that he’s been teasing for about a year now aka Chapter 6. It quickly debuted at number 1 on iTunes.

Now, we all know Abel had to drop it as a surprise. On Nov 25th, he posted to his social media after reactivating his Instagram account ” the fall begins tomorrow” with a blurry black and white photo.

Fans lost it, respectfully.

Nov 26th approached and he released another black and white blurry photo with his new look captioned “TONIGHT WE START A BRAIN MELTING PSYCHOTIC CHAPTER LET’S GOOOO “.

Fans again lost it.

As fans patiently waited, he released a two-hour live episode of his radio show Memento Mori on Apple Music and played his playlist to get listeners in the mood for his first drop since his My Dear Melancholy EP. a year ago. The last song of the night? “Heartless’. A few minutes later it was released exclusively on Spotify then an hour later everywhere else.

The promotion didn’t stop there. Amazon not only placed a billboard for the track in Times Square but also incorporated his voice into an Alexa command. If you tell Alexa to play “Heartless’ by the Weeknd, Abel comes alive and says’s “As You Wish. Here’s my new song “Heartless’ by me, The Weeknd. OH MY GOSH!

The instant hip hop hit was produced by none other than Metro Boomin, The Weeknd and the legend illanglo. This isn’t the first time Metro has ever lent production to a song featuring Weeknd vocals (his credits include “Six Feet Under” and “Low Life”) but it is great to hear them together again.

You can get the track here:

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