With The Weeknd’s After Hours projected to score the top seat on the Billboard 200, the XO singer quickly returned with a new visual for track 10, ‘In Your Eyes’. The visual comes three days after the album was released breaking records across the board. It broke a record at Apple Music, being the first album to ever get 1 million pre-saves before it’s release. People know that when the Weeknd drops something, they will not be disappointed and that goes for visuals as well.

Yesterday via Twitter, he announced a new visual dropping today at 9 AM for the 80’s inspired track. He also mentioned that this album has a ton of visuals for XO fans who can’t get enough of the singer.

The visual premiered at 9AM on YouTube. It showcases the continuation from the After Hours Film that ended with the doors closing on the elevator that held him and a couple. You could hear sounds of loud bangs against the walls of the elevator letting watchers know, it wasn’t over. The visual starts with a Parental Advisory Warning for explicit content, something we have never seen on his videos, letting you know it’s about to be a hell of a ride.

The visual starts at the point the couple enters the elevator with Abel. He apparently kills the guy the girl was with as she bolts out the doors of the elevator to get away, covered in blood. You watch on as Abel calming walks after her as the girls try to escape and end up at a party with a giant sign that reads After Hours. As the visual continues the finds an EX and quietly tries to hide as Abel is seen still calmingly walking to find her. They find each other and she axes his head off. The weird part? Something then takes over her and for the rest of the video, she is seen dancing with his head, rubbing his hair and looking deeply into his eyes into the sunlight. The video ends and viewers are left stunned and ready for what’s next.

This video is a cinematic masterpiece. The Weeknd never fails to release exceptional visuals that capture even non-fans with its production and original content. After Hours was released via XO/Republic Records and are the singer-songwriter’s first release since his six-song My Dear Melancholy EP debuted at No. 1 on the chart dated April 14, 2018, with 169,000 units earned in its first week.

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