Tasha Angela is a Toronto based singer-songwriter with lush vocals that will take you away on the first note. I was sent her first single, ‘Lost In Nostalgia’ prior to its release and blown away doesn’t even describe how I felt. Her vocals were so lush, it seemed like she had her own aesthetic. I knew I had to find out more about the person behind the vocals so I emailed her for an interview and she gave me one. Her passion for making music began at the early age of 11, performing at school recitals, writing poems and singing along to her favorite songs on her way to school. “I’ve always loved music ever since I was a toddler. My dad bought me my first mic as a gift when I was 4 and I never wanted to get off of it! It was little moments such as that one that culminated into something more as time went on. From music inspirations, life experiences and piano lessons eventually I knew that it was apart of my purpose to fulfill music full time.” she said.

In early 2019, Tasha connected with Toronto based music industry and community leader Gavin Sheppard at Jessie Reyez’s songwriting camp. “It was amazing! It was my first songwriting camp and thankfully I connected with some amazing people there. We all got to write our own songs and it was very helpful in terms of connections and inspiration!”. She even got a chance to meet Jesse, ‘She was so down to earth and humble. She gave us each our own songwriting book and we got a chance to listen to people who are in the music business. It was also exciting having her sing along to the song that I was making there!” Taken by her sound and talent, Gavin introduced Tasha to Dan Kurtz and his studio, The Asylum, in the spring of 2019. It was at The Asylum that Tasha finally found a collaborative musical home. It was also at The Asylum that Tasha began working and recording the majority of her “Hidden Gems EP.”

Before the release of the full project, she released two singles. The first single, ‘Lost In Nostalgia’ was a retro masterpiece of lush vocals and dreamy melodies that included a video to match, “That song is about reminiscing on the past and I think we all can relate to that whether it be an experience, person place or thing. I definitely have been lost in nostalgia before because I am constantly in my head so sometimes it feels like I never actually move on from things that have happened in my life.” She then released a second single from the project, ‘Undescribable Feeling’, a lush ballad with vocals that felt like a breath of fresh air on a summer night. It really showcased her vocal range and willingness to get even more vulnerable than ever before. When asked about the single, she reveals something a ton can relate to, “Going through depression inspired this song. I was diagnosed with it and it’s no joke. It feels like being sick with sadness is the only way to describe it and I wouldn’t wish it in my worst enemy. This song talks about finding the light after all of the darkness and touches on the beauty that comes after the madness.”

On February 4th, 2020 she released her debut EP. The EP consisted of five songs that perfectly give the listener a glimpse into Tasha’s creative sphere, as music serves as an outlet for healing, self- improvement, and expression that resonates so well. She stated, “I’ve always written songs but I’ve never shared them until I finally got the confidence to do so. That’s why I named it Hidden Gems because I didn’t want to hide my music anymore.” As I listened to the full EP, I felt a sense of calm in her voice that carried all the way to the end. Music can heal so much when done right and Tasha wants her music to do just that, “I make music to heal, whenever I’m going through something music helps me and in turn helps others because they can relate and are going through the same things that I am experiencing. Music is a universal language and other people’s music definitely helps me get through so to be that for someone else is a blessing and I never take that for granted. Even if an artist isn’t doing music to heal others intentionally their music can still be relatable and help people either way.” In her Instagram about section she even has ‘Empath’ listed. An empath is a person who is essentially sensitive to other people’s energy, can be more introverted and has a hard time understanding their own emotions. She states, ‘I feel like that is a strength when it comes to making music though because I can write about a situation objectively that hasn’t happened to me and understand what the other person is going through.” As far as how she gets through it? She works out, “Whenever I fall into depression the only thing that has helped me was getting moving and not staying stagnant.” Her EP is officially out now and I can’t stop playing it on repeat, it’s a soulful wonderland of lush vocals, calming melodies and relatable stories that anyone can relate to and feel good about the outcome.

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