Tracy Lamont releases new single, ‘PRAY01’


Rapper and producer, Tracy Lamont is back with a new single, ‘PRAY’ This track is about reaching out to a higher power but not for anything vain. For what he feels is important and vital to a solid foundation in life, a family that is safe, sanity, and peace of mind while pursuing goals according to his press release. The low toned melody really creates a chill environment. His lyrics are very relatable and remind me of hip hop artist, Hopsin. A lot of listeners will be able to relate to what he’s getting across.

Since his inception in 2015, Tracy Lamont has gone on to garner press from The Source, AllHipHop and others, while simultaneously starting to perform all over the country. Prolific in his own right, Lamont has a number of mixtapes, EPs, collaborations, and a grip of singles under his belt with no intent on stopping. Be sure to add this track and leave some feedback.

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