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Trish Discord speaks on mental health in new EP, ‘IS THIS MY MENTAL BREAKDOWN’

Trish Discord speaks on mental health in new EP, ‘IS THIS MY MENTAL BREAKDOWN’

Ella Rae

Alternative Rock Artist, Trish Discord is sparking up a much-needed conversation with her new EP, ‘Is This My Mental Breakdown’. The album speaks on different forms of mental health in a way that many will be able to relate to. You can hear the emotion she places in each track with her powerful vocals, almost feels like she is talking directly to her fans. Each track has energized guitar melodies with addictive drums. ‘Another Girl’ and ‘Social’, incorporate a different kind of groove with an EDM kind of sound infused with rock creating this new feeling like never before. Her vocals fit right in.

“Every song on the EP is dedicated to a different mental disorder. I based it off of the DSM V and personal anecdotes of people I worked with or knew who had each mental illness.”, she explains. She has 2 degrees in psychology. That’s the reason why she has decided to incorporate mental health issues into her music.

Her sound is influenced by the Brooklyn grunge scene when writing her songs. Trish has been singing all of her life and started taking professional guitar lessons in college. Her voice often reminds people of bands like “The Cranberries” and “Paramore”. Her new album “Is This My Mental Breakdown?” dedicates each song to a different mental disorder and is on all streaming platforms.

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