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U.S.E releases single about LA party night life entitled ‘ Sugar Rush’

U.S.E releases single about LA party night life entitled ‘ Sugar Rush’

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Duo U.S.E (United Social Experiment), made up of Dan and Krystall, has released an alternative pop/rock single entitled ‘Sugar Rush. The dark but elegant track comes from Krystall’s memories about the LA party life, ” It made me think of all of the LA afterparties and all of the times I was the only sober person wandering around endless hallways in these large mansions that were rented for the sole sake of partying. More like soul sucking. I was always following my foreign roommates to these parties pretty much for the sake of keeping them alive, but I was also curious. I’m not going to lie. Due to my disinterested in alcohol, drugs or human ladder climbing I was an outsider and observer every single time. It’s weird to be in an environment driven by vices that you have no interest in. Thinking “Am I missing something? Or am I better as an outsider – in the dark?” It’s probably the closest thing I could think of to watching a scary movie.- You know, the kind that takes place in a weird haunted house. You know you’d never be dumb enough to buy it but still you find yourself on the edge of your seat screaming for the characters in the film.”

Dan and Krystall came together to create USE after being exhausted from time in different industries with similar politics. The goal of the project is to play with the noticeably strange standards and politics of the culture and turn them in on themselves. “The idea that everything is so perfect that we must be dreaming came about. And the idea that in meeting each other we had found a way out of ‘the Matrix’.” Their project is really about stream of conscious and doing what comes organically so is doesn’t fall into any one genre, although they have coined the term Grungewave. “There are definite electronic elements but we keep evolving. It is important for us to not force ourselves into any one idea and just let things happen naturally.” As well as the music the project is about videos, art and collaboration. “We like the idea of playing with perception, the media, human psychology and the current social climate which is one of mass consumption. Is there anything particular you’d like to know?”

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