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WINEHOUSE release jazzy debut single ‘Pretty Lips’

WINEHOUSE release jazzy debut single ‘Pretty Lips’

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Pretty Lips” is an indie late night drive song with jazz undertones, a beautiful jazz solo and a vocalist that adds soul to ever part of the instrumental.

“Pretty Lips” is one of four songs that WINEHOUSE will feature on their debut EP, set for release in late February. The upcoming EP is a collection of experimental pop music that incorporates a modern sound with a nostalgic feel.

WINEHOUSE is a band from Olympia, WA that is emerging full-force into the alternative pop music scene. In an age where music trends are ever-changing, WINEHOUSE aims to create a timeless, experimental pop sound that everyone can feel. The band is known for delivering a captivating concert experience that bridges the gap between the stage and the audience. Through both their recordings and live shows, WINEHOUSE hopes to promote artistic exploration and inspire listeners to dive head-first into a new world of music.

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