Your Own Medicine feels ‘Better Together’ in new rock visual


Rock Band, Your Own Medicine is back to amp up your playlist with their new single and visual for ‘Better Together’. The track is an electrifying experience that is filled with addictive hooks and headbanging melodies. The visual does the track extreme justice as it showcases the lead vocalist pouring his heart out to his “girlfriend’ and the band rocking out in several clips.

Their first single ‘Dark Skies’ reached the Billboard Top 40 charts for Mainstream rock. This is the 2nd single off of the upcoming full-length album “Regenerate”. The band consists of Michael Kellogg (Vocals, Guitar), Emerson Willis (Guitar), Carlos Martin (Bass), and Bo Burban (Drums). I can’t wait to see more from these guys, as they are going to definitely become a household name in the rock community.


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