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Zoë Ferguson is just fine in her new single, ‘I’m Ok’

Zoë Ferguson is just fine in her new single, ‘I’m Ok’

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Singer and songwriter, Zoë Ferguson is back to set the music industry on fire once again with her new single, ‘I’m Ok’, a song about being okay with being alone. The track instantly hits you with lush background vocals that flow into a feel-good chorus sung by Ferguson. The epic pop sound really reminds me of Lennon Stella mixed with Troye Sivan. The addictive bassline makes you want to dance the night away alone as you enjoy your own company. I always love the concepts of her music, so relatable.

Sometimes I love just being by myself, enjoying myself. Nothing wrong, I just feel like being alone sometimes, so I totally can relate to this. Zoë has yet to create a bad song and she doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. [More Music Please!!!]

You can catch Zoe Ferguson in the latest issue of our magazine and learn more about the inspiration behind her music and more.

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